Lastline’s Breach Detection Platform broke records this year with a first-ever perfect score, detecting 100% of HTML, Email, and SMB malware with zero false positives!

Highlights from testing of the Lastline Breach Detection Platform v7.10 include:

  • 100% detection of malicious files and documents in HTTP traffic
  • 100% detection of malicious files and documents in Email traffic
  • 100% detection of malicious files and documents in SMB traffic
  • 100% detection of sandbox evasions
  • 100% detection of Virtual Machine evasions
  • 100% detection of social exploits
  • 4,333 Mbps consistent throughput performance
  • Zero False Positives


NSS Labs independently tests the most promising breach detection systems -- focusing on detection rates, anti-evasion capabilities, device stability and reliability, and time to detect -- in order to identify which solutions are ahead of the pack. NSS is known as the world’s leading security product testing laboratory, offering in-depth security product test reports, research, and analyst services. CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and information security professionals from many of the largest and most demanding enterprises around the world rely on NSS to help them succeed in getting the most out of their security investments.

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